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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 27, 2012 7:00pm-7:29pm PST

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video a smoking gun. this terrifying confrontation that lead to two arrests. >> road. testers willing to go to jail but what is it they want? good evening. tuesday, november 27th. i'm gasia mikaelian. we're on storm watch tonight as the first in the series of a storm moves toward the bay area. it's expected to be packing a punch with high winds along with rain. meteorologist is monitoring where the first waives will arrive. but first thrive san francisco why fisherman plan to spend the next five days in port. >> we got here to pier 45 and found fibberman racing to get their boats tied up and
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unloaded before this storm. crab cams in by boatful today. >> workers at fisherman's warp rushed to hall in before the storms hit. >> any time there's a storm it means can't go out and work. >> coast guard is aid ad -- advicing boat owner nots go out and that they are secured. >> this is going to be a pretty good storm. you have to be young or crazy to go out in weather like this. >> winds as high. a 96 means hour. 134 3--15-foot wave coming through. but once you add that anyone it really makes everything steep. >> reporter: the coast guard also is advising people to stay wayaway from the shorelines where large waves could sweep someone away. a small part ocean beach remains close where a storm
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last week caused a sewage spill. crews were out there today bolting and welling a manhole that bursted. crews also empties the under ground holding tanks to hopefully prevent another spill. >> with the coming rain that kind of impacts our efforts but we're figuring out a plan to clean this and is up and get the beach reopened. >> reporter: fisherman tell me they won't be going out until the weather gets better so there will probably be in a delay in any new delays for fresh crabs for at least a bean reporting live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. public works crews around the bay area were busy prepare for the storm. in san francisco works clear storm describes prevent them from clogging. all crews will be on call tomorrow. in addition, sandbags being
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made available to residents. we spotted cruising some storm prep of their own. workers trim trees before the winds arrive. and raking up leaves to keep the gutters from clogging. and now in from our weather center. >> the storm is tracking towards the bay area it will arrive by tomorrow morning. it looks like a fairly fast storm but fairly furious. you can see we are mainly dry. if i back it up just a little bit the front is about 200 miles off shore and we are going to watch this really move in and as it roars through it's going to bring quarter to an inch of rain. big surf along with. possibility of a thunderstorm and wind advisory. we are talk 55-65 miles per hour and the timing on this system it looks like it's going to strike during the morning drive. i will pin point the storm for you coming up. workers in north bay say they were very busy today
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trying to get roof repairs finished. these workers here were replacing singles. minnesota more often than not it gets a lot of calls. he said his crews were out across the north bay and fixing leaks. go to any time o get an update on the conditions. happening now dozens of demonstrators on the uc berkeley camp us protesting. there's a police blocked off the entrance. we are told involve test -- involve test -- several protesters are inside at this hour. this happened about 4:00 this afternoon and occupy call blog says that's when six students chained their necks to the doors on the sixth floor of that building. you see poli officers there
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on the scene not allowing anyone in or out. we were able to talk to university officials in just the past half hour they told us they are unaware of what motivated this protest. they tell us this building is vacant and is else seth to be demolished in the coming mites because it is not safe. we will stay on top of developing situation. you see a large number of students at the hall where it is now being closed off by police. more information coming up on the 10:00 news. that protest coincide with the a appointment of a new chancellor. the uc board of chancellor confirmed the appointment. he is currently an executive vice president and dean at columbia where we worked as a profess of history. he starts in june of next year. his salary approximately $468,000. two men under arrest after cell phone video captured one of them pointing a gun at a
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couple at another car. take a look actually video here. police have blur the faces of men in the video because they tell us the incident still under investigation but they tell us the suspect, were drivinger -- er radically. they realize this they were being recorded bay couple driving nearby. officers say that's what one of the suspect shot at couple and demanded the phone with the video we just showed you. the suspects followed the couple and one ended up inside the car. >> the husband was able to push him out of car and told his wife to hit the gas. >> the husband and wife escaped unharmed. the suspects were taken into custody shortly after. a more tories opened fire on -- more motorist opened fire on a police earlier tonight. >> this is what the police car
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looks like now. a bullet hold in the windshield. >> our officer was not struck but his vehicle was. >> reporter: it began just before 2:00 this morning. the officer pulled a car over for a traffic violation. >> the driver of the violator vehicle exited the vehicle and opened fire. our officer was able to return fire. the violator fled in the vehicle. >> hours later they found o the car blocks away abandon. neighbors in the area said police were asking if they'd seen the car before. >> thank goodness he's in the here now. >> police toed the car. the car was stolen. it was parked here at this apartment come flex east san jose last night and this morning it was gone. >> i'm very unnerved dropping
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my child at the school and then watch the news that they hadn't caught anybody. >> the suspect is a latino man wearing a black and white flannel shirt with horizontal stripes. they're not sure if he was injured in the shooting. a preliminary hearing is under ware if a man suspected of gunning down a police officer. henry smith is acause of shooting and killing james kapool lastier. the today a police officer look l testified that smith looked directory at him. he also testified he heard three shot before finding the body. if trained convicted smith could paying the death penalty. friends and family
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gathering at the university. the concert was held late this afternoon. where on april 17 2-ened sen people shot and killed. today's concert was a part of the dedication ceremony of the new memory garden. people in san francisco are remembering the lay mayor and supervisor have a vigil and march today. the group then walked to the ksa transaction, district and the hardware store. 34 years ago today the assassinations stung the bay area. the white house say it is stocks and -- it intends to rally americans behind obama's plan. prez also met privately today today with small business owners. the white house hopes to
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convince republicans to tax increase for the wealthy and extend tax cuts for middle class. they're meeting is scheduled for the first week in december. >> the fiscal cliff loomed large on wall street. the stocks delined a mist concerns. dough fell 89 point. retailers boasting record sales for sign or monday. a survey shows online sales rhodes 30%. compared to same lime last year. that make it is the biggest online shopping day ever. researchers sate number of people shopping with their smart phones jumped more than 70%. >> a new program is giving potential home inners neither bay area some home. officials in oakland this morning to announce city lift fm. offers down payment assistance. the program a joint effort betweenwells for a foe and the unity council to revitalize neighborhoods. a great holiday season experience 250 families are going tote to get a $20,000
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down paint towards stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oaklandened surrounding cities. city lift fm applies to potential home buyers. anyone interested can aplay at workshop at oakland convention center on the 7th and 8th. the hell rate ised broadcast cancer risk here seems not ton so much special what happen researchers discovered around the rest of the bay. >> they carried the same rifles. >> family members of u.s. military seeking recognition for their roles. the new legal battle to balance the field of combat. >> and detailed look at your wet and windy commute coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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the fourth shooting victim in palo alto. he was waiting for a bus at bay wood. witness told police the man a man approached the victim and shot him and ran away. so far no suspects in the suspects in the. a fourth person died after eating poisonous mushrooms. officials say all four victims died after eating a soup made with poisonous mushrooms picked by a caretaker. they have called the death a terrible accidents. new bay area research shows a starting elevated breast cancer risk. 10-20% higher than the state. >> reporter: researchers tracked breast cancer neighborhood by neighborhood. and found among the state's
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highest risks, about 80% are neighborhood ringing the bay. >> that's scary. i want to know why. >> environment. environmental impact? >> reporter: not san francisco. but eastern marin where there's already active research on breast cancer clusters. >> it's an opportunity to look at those areas, all the areas and see what is different and what's similar. >> barlo and fellow researchers says their study did not find a common cause. lifestyle, delay childbirth, bottle water, hormone replacement therapy have all been apropossed. >> if it's full t it's all over the by a area i think the important thing is to look at environmental causes. >> activists say this should trigger calls for ax.
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researchers -- action. researchers say it has to be something. federal officials are expected to decide this week the fate of a family owned oyster farm. seeking a ten year extension of the current federal permit to harvest oysters. some environmental list says says they're they're opposed to extension. he's expected to make a decision by friday. now to capital hill why un ambassador susan rice met with senators regarding her comments about the deadly september 11th attack in libya. the lawmakers say they're troubled by rice's claims on sunday talk shows at this violence that killed ambassador chris stevens was spontaneous and not an al qaeda attack. she's reportedly under consideration to become the next secretary of state. the senators say they plan to
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block her nomination. apple's newest computer set to go on sale in this week. a smaller version of its new imac desk top will be in stores on friday with the starting price of habit $1300. it. apple says it's it'll take orderer if the bigger version with a 27-inch screen but those went ship until next month. more follow up on the criticized apple map application. they have fired the man. the failed. a also led to the dismissal of an apple executive after he refused to issue an apology. female military menace and -- members. >> reporter: the civil union
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filed suit against the department of defense that bans women to from women serving in combat. >> it close thousands positionings to them. >> the claim include four women who have fought on the ground in afghanistan. one led an engagement time of 46 servicewomen. >> they wore the same gave gear and car rid the same rifles. -- carried the same rifles. >> search and rescue pilot mary jennings earned a hump l heart. >> the vast majority of men i have served with did not care whether or not that i was a woman. they cared if i could dot job. >> reporter: the realities are often physically overwhelming for men. >> you would have to ask yourself, is this the situation that we would like to say we're going put our daughters in just
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so they have an opportunity to sentence n a -- advance in a career? >> was some negative feedback. however, they knew this was something i was extremely passionate about. >> a spokesperson for secretary of defense says he's committed to expanding rolls of women including open up more assignments to women. in san francisco ktvu. for the first time ever california bike race will start in southern california. they invailed the 12 host cities. it begins sunday, may 12th. traveling huh santa barbara and into the bay area. the final leg from san francisco so santa rosa may 19th. final crews line z has apologized to passenger who were told they would not be
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allowed to dress in drag. perjuriers said they were surprised to get an e-mail that guest would not be aloud to depress drag during performances or any public areas. after you believe up roar refound carnival reversed policies. and one of the price la a that will likely leave someone playing a happy tune. and our meteorologist is taking another look at the first of three storms expected to roll in. she'll have the time line. and if you're on the go or away from your tv you can still watch live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the
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tonight we are getting an exclusive look behind the scenes at a project that light up the bay bridge. 125,000 lights willed a down the western side of the span with every changing pattern. entire $8 million project will be paid for by private do nation. people can sponsor a light in name of loved one or favorite
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cause. well our meteorologist has been very busy. the first storm rolling in in time for your morning drive. it's going to be wet and windy. one of the days the umbrella doesn't do you any good. outside our doors now the winds still generally light. we are with mostly cloudy sky bus dry skies. this system again continuing out into the pacific but working our way closer to us as we progress through the evening hour. it's still about 20 miles out in the specific. we've got two fronts. one here and a second one to follow and they're pretty much being merged together as they roll across the bay area. i'm going pick up tomorrow morning. 6:00 scattered showers. the winds already blowing. more on that in just a moment. but here come this is rain. at 7:00 and we're all getting wet. some of us moderate rain. event the possibility of thunderstorms. it's 8:00. still coming down.
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9:00 still coming down. by about 10:00 we finally see the back edge here and then it's out of here with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. and we'll leave in the possibility of scatters showers. so a fairly quick moving storm buzz byu as i mentioned earlier fairly furious. one inch to maybe close to 2 over our hills and mountains. for the entire bay area with exception to just the santa clara county weather area windy conditions expected. any why 45-55 miles per hour and seats shade here, that's for the coast. and the ridges where the gusts could actually reach 65 miles an hour. those are very strong winds. that could push you around during the morning drive. could bring down power lines, could bring down weak trees so it could be fairly hazardous. overnight lows not bad. we will wake up upper 40s low
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50s. with the rain and wind developing early, early on. afternoon highs with afternoon showers. low to mid-60s expected. 64 in oakland. 63 in redwood city. here is your extended forecast. this is the first and n several rounds of rain coming our way. i think we'll get a 24 hour break. the second is thursday into friday. a piano in wasn't greatest movie in o off times is heading to the auction block. ♪ you must remember this. asciis -- asciis just a kiss. the auction house expects it'll sell up to $1.2 million. the instrument is being offered by a japanese collector for the 7th 0 verse. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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news break. i'm gasia mikaelian. and tonight we're at uc berkeley where protesters occupying a building. and a storm that's sure to mess with your morning commute. and tmz is up next.
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